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You understand the importance of regular plumbing maintenance for keeping plumbing problems at bay. But you’re too busy to worry with checking your P-traps or cleaning your faucet aerators.

Experts suggest you complete routine inspections and maintenance of your plumbing system at least once a year.

Contact the experts at Faithco for all your plumbing maintenance needs.

Routine Plumbing Services in Tyler, TX

Our regular plumbing maintenance services include:

  • Clearing All Your Drains & P-Traps

    Our service vans are equipped with the tools necessary for clearing your sink drains and P-traps so clogs can’t form to slow or stop proper drainage, preventing backups and overflows.

  • Cleaning Your Faucet Aerators

    We will clean your faucet aerators to maintain maximum water flow and to prevent errant spray.

  • Inspecting All Visible Pipes for Corrosion

    Our professionals will inspect all visible pipes for corrosion, ensuring repairs are made before leaks begin.

  • Checking For Leaks

    We will check all visible pipes for water leaks so that repairs can be made before water damages your cabinets or floors.

  • Examining Your Toilet Tanks

    Our plumbers will examine the mechanisms in your toilet tanks for signs of leaks or wear, which can save water and prevent untimely and inconvenient need for repairs.

  • Inspecting Your Water Heater

    Malfunctioning hot water heaters damage millions of dollars of personal property annually. We will inspect your hot water heater for indications of wear and tear … before it can wreak havoc on your home.

  • Test The Water Pressure

    Using a specialized tool, our plumbing technicians will check to see if your water pressure is at a safe level, typically between 40-65 psi, and adjust the pressure as needed.

An Ounce of Plumbing Prevention …

Is worth a pound of plumbing repairs.

Don’t wait until a toilet overflows or a pipe bursts to schedule plumbing services. Call Faithco to service your plumbing system today to prevent plumbing problems tomorrow.

If you don’t have time to maintain your plumbing system, you certainly don’t have time to repair it. Make an appointment with the professionals at Faithco for all your plumbing maintenance needs.

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