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Faithco Electric Services

Faithco for Professional Electrical Services in Tyler, TX

What can we help you repair, replace, or install today?

  • Electrical panels, breakers, and fuses
  • LED lighting
  • Recessed lighting and light fixtures
  • Decorative and accent lighting
  • Pool lighting
  • Car charging stations
  • Ceiling fans
  • Switches and dimmers
  • Outlets
  • Child safety outlets
  • Lightning and surge protection
  • Interior and exterior 

Our electrical services are guaranteed against defects in parts and workmanship. And our electricians are licensed, bonded, and insured for your safety.

So, if you need to repair your existing electrical system or install something new that needs power, you can rely on Faithco. We keep improving until you’re satisfied with our services.

Electrical Installation in Tyler, TX

Modern homes have unique electrical needs that require careful consideration.

Older Homes

Various factors contribute to determining how to meet those needs, such as the

  • Number and types of appliances present or desired
  • Dimensions of the home
  • Number of people in the household
  • Age of the existing wiring system

Older homes were constructed using different electrical codes and standards, many of which are outdated. This is especially true of electrical wiring and system capacities.

Newer Homes

Even newer homes may struggle to accommodate the electrical demands of today’s families.

These include

  • Higher loads on air conditioners and furnaces
  • Larger capacity water heaters
  • Appliances with digital or smart technology
  • More miscellaneous kitchen gadgets
  • More electronic devices

The combination of these factors can strain your home’s electrical infrastructure.

We Install It All

At Faithco, we offer electrical services such as updating home wiring, upgrading electrical panels, installing new outlets, and more to ensure your home’s electrical system can meet your needs and expectations. Whether you’re wiring a new build or rewiring an existing one, you need professional electrical services to get up to code or to ensure code compliance—and your family’s safety.

Schedule a free consultation to discuss your needs and expectations with a master electrician. We can design and install a new electrical system for your entire home or for a single new outlet.

Financing Electrical Services in Tyler, TX

Don’t try to DIY electrical upgrades or installations. The cost can be greater than the savings … in more ways than one.

Trust Faithco to complete your electrical services at a reasonable price. Financing is also available on repairs or installations over $1000.

Faithco’s First Love—Electricians

Next to faith, family, and friends, Faithco loves electricians.

Faithco was founded almost 20 years ago by a master electrician with a heart for tradesmen who cared about customers as much as he does.

In order to attract the best and brightest licensed electricians, John knew he had to make Faithco a great place to work. So Faithco “loves on” electricians by rewarding them for providing excellent customer service. And they, in turn, care for our customers.

Call Faithco when you need electrical services. The difference is in the quality of our customer service. The difference is the love we have for our licensed electricians and for our customers.

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